Thursday, April 2, 2015

Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Thurs 4-2-15) Superstars

Good Morning Sales Superstars,
Who would you guess is the BEST customers we could hope for?

Most all sales authorities agree … repeat customers. Once someone has had an awesome experience with you and/or Empire, they have the greatest likelihood of buying again. Absolutely worth a follow up call. Empire has even given them the incentive of Discover Gift Cards for any referral they give us. Did I mention, absolutely worth the follow up call. The questions, even if we are leaving a message, could go something like this:

How are you loving your new floors? We have a repeat customer special that you might love for smaller projects like the bathrooms. I’m trying to grow my business, is there a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker you think might be interested in some new flooring? Would it be possible to get an introduction from you to your boss at work? We also do some fantastic commercial flooring?

Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them. ~W. Edwards Deming

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