Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Eyes Lead The Head

The Eyes Lead The Head

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In OS, we teach, or remind rather, that the body is designed to follow the head. We are “wired” in such a way that the movements of our head reflexively “encourage” the movements of our body. Where the head goes, the body will follow. Sound familiar?

Did you know the head is also designed to follow the eyes? So, it’s eyes, head, body. That is the way we are reflexively wired. We seem to be wired the exact same way in our soul, or our mind. Our thoughts, the thoughts in our head, tend to lead our body. They lead our emotions, which are expressed in our body, and they lead our health. People who think healthy thoughts tend to be healthy, and people that think sickly thoughts tend to be sick. People who think stressful thoughts tend to hold lots of muscular tension and they breathe using their emergency breathing muscles. Do you see? Our thoughts (our head) still lead our body much as the movements of our head actually lead the body.
But, physically, we are wired for the eyes to lead the head and then the head leads the body. In our soul, our mind, we are still wired in this same manner. In the soul, our “eyes” are our “vision”, our expected imagination. Your thoughts follow your vision. Your body follows your thoughts. Does this make sense? Isn’t this so cool?

The question then becomes, what is your vision? Where do you see in your mind’s eye? What are you looking towards? Do you see health, strength, vitality and life? Or, do you envision thoughts of gloom, sickness, weakness, or brokenness? I will be completely honest; good vision requires determination. Lack of vision, and/or negative vision, seems to be a default for most of us. Usually, negative vision is a product of fear. We fear things and we easily imagine those things in our heads. Good vision takes determination. We must be determined to focus on what we want over focusing on what we don’t want.

Eyes (vision), head (thoughts), body (physical expression). This is how we are made. And it is so cool!

Did you also know that you are the head as well, to those around you? What I mean is that you influence the actions, responses, and even the thoughts of those around you. If you decide to smile and make eye contact with another person, they will more than likely feel your joy and smile right back at you. If you withdraw and scowl, even if at no one in particular, others around you will feel the chill that you bring and they too could become infected by your display. Think about it. Acts of kindness from one person turns in to multiple acts of kindness around the one who chose to initiate kindness. Acts of irritation, “red” acts, tend to set off “red” acts in those nearby.

If you have influence, and you do, then you are like the head of the body of people around you. This is another reason why our vision and the thoughts we keep are so important. We influence those around us by the expressions our bodies reveal from the thoughts we keep based off the visions we have. Why, because the eyes (vision) of others respond to what they see. This creates thoughts in their heads and this creates actions in their bodies! Does this make sense? You are the head!

You wield a great deal of influence on the people and the circumstances around you. The vision you keep, will determine the choices and thoughts you make, which will cause everything around you, your body and even the bodies of others, to follow your vision.

So, the question is, what do you see? What do you want to see? Keep your eyes and your vision pointed to where you want to go. You are the head.

Thank you Tim Anderson