Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sell the Solution: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Weds 4-15-15)

How to get people to buy our stuff

Despite the detailed information we can give on all our products, many customers brains shut down with the information overload. What are we doing wrong? We just can’t get more people to buy our flooring.  Does this sound familiar?  Here is one of the biggest marketing secrets to make more sales: When we only focus on the features of our products, our sales efforts just don’t always work.
The first step to learning how to sell solutions and not just our products is to really listen to our customers when they talk about their problems. Once we understand how our services can untangle their obstacles, the next step is to start selling solutions that create a motivating force for them to buy from us.

People don’t want to buy our product or services. They can get flooring in a hundred other places. They want to buy solutions for their problems. They want to know how our flooring can provide them with a specific outcome to make their lives easier.

Sell the Solution, Not the Product
Most of the statistics I found said we see over 250 marketing messages per day. That number includes everything from TV commercials, outdoor billboards and online banner ads.  There’s no way our brains can process that many messages. Chances are, we probably only recall seeing about a third of those marketing ads.  But, the right message telling them how it can fix their problems, now that will get their attention. 

How do we show our customers we have the right answers to their challenges? 

1. Establish value
Focus on the value our products can bring to our customers.  Does our service help them save time? Will using our flooring reduce the risk of something that concerns them? Don’t just list all the selling points of our flooring. Use our history, availability and financing to tell them about how they’ll benefit from buying from us.

2. Engage and then inform
When we pull our customers in with something that connects with them, they’ll be more open to hearing about our offers. I always say that people do business with PEOPLE that they know and trust. Building that relationship with them is the key to selling solutions.
Think about a way to tell our company’s story through selling solutions. Keep asking ourself the question, “How can I help my customer?” until we find the answers where we connect with our customers on an emotional level.

Only then can our products and services turn from just trying to sell them our stuff into something they want and need. And most likely, will pay anything to get it.

Scientists often have the faith that if they could discover enough facts about a problem, these facts would somehow arrange themselves in a compelling and true solution.  ~ Theodosius Dobzhansky

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