Saturday, April 4, 2015

Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 4-4-15) OTR Drivers

Good Morning OTR Drivers,

Thursday I went 0 for 2. I was a little bummed. I probably only drove about 60 miles total, but an 0fer just sucks the enthusiasm out of us, doesn’t it? Of course, if we have been doing this for longer than a week, we realize there is a cyclical nature to this business. While I was driving and counting the bug smears on the windshield, I reminded myself I had to do something positive lest I give in to a bleak and hopeless outlook. So I took a trip down positive memory lane and asked myself one optimistic question: How much did I drive last year and how much did I make?

Let’s say I made $60K last year and drove 20K miles, that was $3/mile (plus the IRS .55cents/mile credit). I averaged $3.55 per mile last year whether I sold or not. After calculating Thursdays dismal failure, I realized (in a way) I made $213 (60 mile X $3.55) just for sticking to it!!

When we catch our minds trying to beat us up, just remember, we are the highest evolved creatures on this plant, we have opposable thumbs and free thought. Take CONTROL of our mentals and the rest will fall in line!! To read a whole article on focusing your eyes , go to my blog here.

Good Job – 18 out of 26 active reps sold something yesterday – that’s 70% of our sales force sold something yesterday!

Focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. ~ Dan Thompson

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