Friday, April 3, 2015

Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Fri 4-3-15) Ally Builders

Good Morning Ally Builders,

I don’t know about you, but I sure hate it when I answer an objection and then I’m hammered with another one that is completely unrelated to the first one. It’s almost as if the first one wasn’t even real and they’re just throwing them out as fast as they can think about them. I'm going to show us a simple technique right now, here's what we should do: STOP ANSWERING OBJECTIONS!

I know that may sound absurd at first, so let me explain. When someone gives us an objection, they are almost always hiding the REAL reason they aren’t moving forward with us. For example, if they tell us the price is too high what they often mean is they think they can get it cheaper somewhere else, or they aren’t really in the market right now and they’re just shopping around for next summer, or they have already decided who they’re going to use and they just needed 5 quotes to comply with the voices in their head.

Answering the price objection at this point means that we are just falling for their smokescreen which is why we get another objection, and then another. If you’re as sick and tired of the objection game as I am then we must Question and Isolate objections we get BEFORE we answer them.

Here’s one way:  If our customer tells us our price is too high, simply ask: “I get that sometimes <name>, and let me ask you – if our price was right where you were comfortable spending, would you put me to work for you today?”  Any answer other than yes means that price is not the objection. Answering it will get us nowhere. If, however, they say yes, then we get to negotiate on the price and find a way to close the deal.

Another one is, “I need to show this to my (spouse, neighbor, dog, insurance agent, etc)"  Here’s what we should say:  "That is perfectly understandable <name>. I think you should show this to (whomever they claim they need to show this to). And let me ask you something — if after you show this to <other>, he/she says 'It looks good <name> whatever you want to do,' is this something that YOU would move forward with today?"  Now, again, any answer other than yes means that this objection is just a smokescreen and we haven't uncovered the real objection, and we will have to keep qualifying.

On the other hand, if our customer says he would move forward on this today, then we've got to confirm this and make him our ally. Say:  "Great, then I take it you're going to recommend this to <other>,right? Wonderful! What can WE do to make sure he agrees with us?"

Do you see how we’ve now made our customer an ally and how we are now a team? Listen carefully to what our customer says, because if they are truly sold on our floors, they might tell us what we now need to do to close the sale. Offer to do a three-way conference call, or to call and speak to the real decision maker directly. Ask about specific follow-up times for additional information that we can provide them with. And always ask what the next step will be and get a definite timeframe for follow up.  Make this a way of thinking and it will become 2nd nature.

"For my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is." ~Yoda

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