Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Read More, Sell More (Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Wednesday 12-16-15))

Good Morning All you Amazing, Persevering Entrepreneurs!!

For those about to go out and slip & slide again on the icy roads – I Salute You!! Thank you, every single one, for being so careful yesterday. Remember, if you do not have a 9am today we need to tune into Jake Ryan’s Wednesday National Sales Call (info below).

Colder weather is finally here, which means it's time for skiing, ice fishing, or my personal favorite, kicking back by a fire with a good book. JR has encouraged us recently to take time each day to read a bit from a good book. My favorite authors are more the historical favorites:

Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino , even some newer Tony Robbins & Brian Tracy. Chances are you can find any number of books on the computer in pdf format for quick easy reading.

There are some who say, what your mind dwells on is where your focus is and what you become. Might I recommend dwelling on (reading) some of these powerful books and filling your mind, spirit & body with power, winning attitude, motivation & greater sales drive!!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Not a Flooring Post

I just have to put this out there!! I am starting my own Amazon Seller business.

I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone has invited you to Infinii, a brand new e-commerce platform that allows you to profit on Amazon without using a seller account.  I was invited in, and thought you might like to see how you can Profit on products that are sourced right from manufacturer and sold for profit on Amazon.

E-Commerce has been made very simple to profit from with Infinii and that is why it is EXPLODING.

*Basically they have sourced direct from manufacturer, items that sell fast on amazon, for great profits. (50-500% depending on where you start)

*There are three levels that you can come in at. The level you join has training for amazon and ebay (for later)........but the level also determines the number of lot "seats" you can have going at one time, as well as the profit margin. Seats are your "share" in a much larger lot, that you also share the profits on, based on how many positions, or "seats" you have at stake. (See Photo Below for example of offers)

$399 Excel Level - 20 seats @ $97 a seat = Profit of $565.85 a seat
20 seats x $565.85 Profit = $11,317.00 (1-2 WEEKS)

$149 Surge Level - 10 Seats @ $73 a seat = Profit of 332.70 a seat
10 seats x 332.70 Profit = $3337.00 (2-4 weeks)

$49 Prime Level - 5 Seats @ 10 a seat = Profit $226.10 a seat
5 seats x $26.10 profit = $130.50 (4-6 weeks)

You have to purchase the lot "SEATS" above and beyond the "level" amount.
But you can choose how you want to invest on the lots.


As an Amazon private label seller, I can tell you that DSD is about to change the way people make money online via PASSIVE Programs.  Consider InFiNii the first legitimate product based Revenue Share opportunity to hit the Internet.  Be expecting the join code from me.  See the details below:

This is a "Special Alert" because it contains information about an Extremely promising opportunity for these reasons.....

1. It provides a totally passive income stream without the need to sponsor a single person.

2. It is not a ponzi because income is derived from the $11 Trillion Dollar e-commerce industry with $1.5 Trillion of it being controlled by eBay and Amazon.

3. It is very affordable requiring less than $100 to get started.

4. The program, Infinii, is run by the same folks who administer the DS Domination program which has been running for about 2 years now. They have demonstrated that they are credible and honest and they are here to stay.

5. International. Membership in Infinii is available world-wide.

The Ultimate Amazon Passive Income Business!

The Ultimate Amazon Passive Income Business! This may be the Ideal business opportunity! This is by invitation only - Invitations Are starting tonight!

INFINii is scheduled to launch on December 1, 2015; pre-launch (by private invitation only) begins on November 9, 2015. INFINii Is one of the most anticipated launches in net-work marketing history because it combines the power of the $11 trillion dollar e-commerce Industry (with $1.5 trillion of it being controlled by eBay and Amazon) And the multi-billion dollar network marketing industry...yet you have probably never even heard of it – until now.

So why is it such a huge deal?

Imagine being able to passively profit from Amazon sales with no work involved, or even having an Amazon account! No Sponsoring Required earn a lucrative income - however earn a lot more when You do so!

Why is this so significant?

Because in 2014 alone, Amazon's global net revenue exceeded $88 Billion dollars! What if there were a way for you to tap into a little Piece of that pie by participating in a co-op style program with as Little as $10, an potentially making back up to 2, 3, even 5 times Your money in retail profits over a short period of time? And what If you could participate in this program up to 20 times per month? Are you beginning to see the big picture? If not, keep reading!

The Key Part of This Opportunity - Passive Co-op Income!

By participating in the Co-op's (Springboard). You'll find shopping Co-ops that you can purchase slots in. With the click of a button, You select the products you want to sell (different products will Be available for the different levels) and the products will be Automatically purchased by INFINii, then listed and then sent In to Amazon for FBA to start selling. You will then be paid the Profits of your share of that co-op as the sales are created. Because INFINii is buying in bulk, they get very good pricing and exclusive Deals that individuals cannot normally get. Example products Include branded products from Star Wars and Mattel – brands That only sell to high volume customers.

They also have a team of experts that create the listings and drive Traffic to the Amazon listings to ensure optimal sales. With a 27 Month track record of over 50,000 active affiliates with $2.4 Billion in sales, these people are not guessing – they know Exactly what they are doing! The co-op is PERFECT for International customer/affiliates as it is completely hands-off, You don't even need an Amazon account to participate in the Co-ops! You let INFINii do all the negotiation, sales, advertising, Etc., while you keep the return margins.

If you haven't sent me a email saying I WANT IN or SEND ME A INVITE.. Do it now!!!

E-Commerce Legend Nathan Van Tuyl asks INFINii CEO, Hitesh Juneja, about the upcoming launch!

Nathan Van Tuyl follows up with the CEO of INFINii, Hitesh Juneja and discusses current members ecommerce statistics.
It's long but informative.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Crazy Focused Winners - Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Weds. 11-4-15)

Good Morning You Crazy Focused Winners!!

So here are my questions for us all today:
Does EVERYBODY we know, know what we do?
Does EVERYBODY we meet, know what we do?
Has EVERYBODY on our social media seen a post about what we do lately?
Do we walk around with a business card in our pocket READY to give it out all day?

We, yes all of us, are far greater than any problem or disappointment that may be present in our life.  What we have to understand and never lose sight of is that we have more power and control inside of us than we think we do. Some people get hit so hard by the outcomes of life that they lose complete sight of their uniqueness and wonderful talents they have been blessed with. DON’T BE SOME PEOPLE!!

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