Monday, July 27, 2015

Your Confidence: Today's Kudo's & Encouragement (Mon 7-27-15)

Good Morning Your Confidence,

Jake had an amazing conference call Friday. If you missed it you should be bummed; however, you’re in luck … Here it is: 

Confidence and Presenting
Arrogance is defined as an offensive display of superiority. Confidence is defined as the belief in oneself in their powers and abilities.  Confidence always outweighs Arrogance
Henry Ford said, “Whatever you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”  University of Melbourne did a study and found that confident people have higher wages and get promoted quicker. Confidence is something you are born with, or you can develop it over time.

12 Habits of Confident People
·         Happiness from Within 
o   We must be happy and comfortable with ourselves
·         Don’t Pass Judgment
o   Confident people know others have fault and don’t judge others for it
·         Don’t say yes to something unless they want to
o   If they say no, it brings more stress
·         Listen more than they speak
o   Confident people don’t have anything to prove
o   They can learn and grow from listening
·         Speak with Certainty
o   They do not say, “I’m not sure”, “No”, or “Maybe”
§  They find it difficult to get people to listen
·         Seek Small Victories
o   Challenge yourself to attain a goal that is set
o   Example of Small Victory, I am getting 2 cross sales on my leads today
·         Confident people Exercise
o   Higher rating of ourselves in our own eyes which also increases self esteem
·         Don’t Seek Attention
·         Aren’t Afraid to be Wrong
o   Confident people put out ideas and if they are wrong, they learn from them
·         Stick their Necks Out
o   Confident people see an opportunity and take it
·         Celebrate Others Success
o   Don’t focus on yourself, but see what others bring
o   Praise others
·         Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help
o   They know their own strengths and weaknesses
o   Ask yourself, “What can I do to get better?”
How does this all apply to us?
o   Drive ACE by giving the best presentation that you can
o   Know the company behind you has over 50 years of experience and over 2 million satisfied customers
o   Give a full 10 Step Presentation
o   Master the sales phrases
o   After your product presentation, be confident knowing we have everyday low pricing to meet all the needs of every customer

In sales, top performers find their enthusiasm and belief to be among their most important assets. -

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