Friday, July 3, 2015

Social Butterflies: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Friday 7-3-15)

Good Morning Social Butterflies,

The difference between a successful salesperson and a mediocre one often lies in the nuances of social behavior, while we may be adept at sharing our in-depth knowledge of our flooring, if we stand too close and invade our customer’s personal space, we may be perceived as pushy or creepy. Fail to listen empathetically to customers, and we could be perceived as egotistical. Lack enthusiasm in our voice and we’re lazy.

Are customers cutting short their interactions with us? Something about us may be off-putting. Maybe our personal agenda to sell is overpowering those around us and turning them off. Are we doing all the talking?  Entering into a conversation with anyone, be it a friend or customer, should resemble a game of backyard catch. Pay attention to how long we hold the ball, and then toss it back in their direction, which signals it’s their turn to talk. In time, they’ll toss the ball right back to us.

Asking, however, is only half the equation here. We must also listen. Focus our attention on the speaker and take in every word. Empathetic, active listening only raises our likeability factor in the eyes of the customer.  When we’re making a presentation, showing the “love” is easy. Start by maintaining eye contact and smiling— a genuine grin, not a grimace or some plastic version. Lighten up. Don’t focus so hard on the pitch that our face looks strained. Bring a little levity, interject some humor and get our customer involved by asking questions and expecting answers. Be prepared and rehearsed, so we can relax and actually enjoy the human interaction of the appointment. Customers will feel our authenticity.

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