Monday, July 20, 2015

Habitulites: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Monday 7-20-15)

Good Morning Habitulites,
I was thinking this weekend, Where do our business leads come from? The obvious answer – The “E”. Where do they get the leads? Well, that is where things get interesting. Looking at Saturday for example, out of 100% leads, this is an example of how they were gathered:

4% - Follow Up/Referral
4% - Self Generated
6% - Email Campaign
6% - Repeat Customers
12% - TV
68% - Web

Now, even if nearly 20% of those “web” leads were initiated by other means and went to the web, that would still mean nearly 50% of our leads come from the web. But here is another interesting bit, look at how well “ALL” of those advertising avenues work together. Every one of those appointment (except SG) are self gens for The “E”.

So, I was thinking, if we want to grow “our” business, we cannot only run the appointments that are given to us. We must put time and effort into balancing ALL 6 of these avenues. Uncle Jay has given us a really cool “Wheel of Fortune” that hangs on the wall in the office. Next time we are there, it might be wise to copy down “ALL” the different spokes so we can be thinking about different ways to increase “our” business.

The more we use our unproductive windshield time to meditate on these things, the more likely we are to start pursuing them. The more we pursue them, the more we produce, the more we produce, the more we are able to support our family and live the type of life we want. 

Back in the 50’s, Maxwell Maltz postulated it takes 21 days to form a new habit, more recent study suggests the time is more like 2 months. Either way, they both agree on “ONE THING”, new habits can be formed. My encouragement to you is this, If you don’t know what you want, figure it out. If you do know what you want, start pursuing it NOW!!

“Make today's bad habit, tomorrow’s reform.”  – Dan Thompson

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