Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mall Walkers: Todays Kudos & Encouragement: (Thursdday 7-2-15)

Good Morning Mall Walkers,

Here is some perspective that might encourage us all today… Oh, by the way, did you know Thursday is the BEST day to prospect? (Studies prove it) … anyway, I was reading about those poor telemarketing/ cold call sales people, oh my gosh, talk about a rough job. We may feel like we have it rough some days, but those guys are REALLY beat up daily. We have it easy compared to them. So, I was reading about how they try to motivate themselves and found a couple of interesting bits that I think can help us also.

It can be tough to keep going when we have to continually be saying the same thing, performing the same routine, over and over again. One appointment fades into the next. We can start to feel like we're saying the same thing over and over again.  (heehee) Before long, we even get bored with ourselves -- and then start wondering if it's even worth it. That attitude doesn't help us or our customers.  Here are a couple of things  I've used to keep my sales productivity high.  Give ourselves challenges. Focus on accomplishing something we haven't yet. (window treatments?)  I do this all the time and it works wonders on my psyche. It helps keep things fresh and exciting. 

Try new things.  See if we can find more effective ways to get better results. If we feel like an appointment is going south, try a different closing technique.  Experiment with our approach. By doing this, we really get better at selling.  Work in bursts. Take regular breaks, not day long breaks, just in between appointments. If we have a little time, just pop into a Wal-Mart or a mall and watch how the other side lives. But don’t forget to bring some business cards with us, they live on floors that may need replaced also, walk around, clear your head. Then come back and throw yourself in for another appointment. This keeps our energy up and it's good for us!

“Where is your next self gen going to come from? The Mall? The Pet Store? The Proctologist? Or maybe even a customer you helped 6 months ago?” – Dan Thompson

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