Monday, July 13, 2015

Rejuvenators: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Monday 7-13-15)

Good Morning Rejuvenators,

I've been thinking about the all elusive work/life balance.  On one hand we have to work to survive, and we are so totally lucky to have such an amazing career with Empire, they really do provide the opportunity to help a lot of people in a cool industry.  And, on the other hand we do need to find that balance between work and life, so we can enjoy this one chance at living (unless you believe in reincarnation), to enjoy friends, family and fun.

Most of us (and we really are great salespeople) work a lot of hours and are always available when a customer calls. Personally, I love what I do and seem to spend every waking hour doing it.  However, we also know we need breaks from our business day sometimes. The common recommendations for these break times are:

Exercise – at first glance, I think, sure I’ll just pop down to the gym and bust out some reps or swimming or something. The truth is any kind of exercise that we enjoy will do. For instance, yoga (which we used to just call stretching back in the day) during the week which really helps to center the brain and helps the body relax. Plus, we reduce the likelihood of getting sick -- after all, nobody's got time for the sniffles when we 've got a bonus to hit!

Eat Healthy – some days we are lucky to go to a drive through and get anything to eat. Here is my recommendation. Get a little cooler, put some ice and relatively good for us food in it (each night or in the AM) so we can snack throughout the day, that’s gotta be tons better for us then driving through and getting one fat McGreese bomb for the gut.

Meditate – OK, the concept has been around since the invention of dirt, but it feels like a 21st century word to me. The practice can be totally simple though. IF we arrive 5-15 minutes before an appointment, lean our head back in the car, close our eyes and take some deep breaths. If the brain is reeling, chant some positive self talk or zen talk or prayer or something to focus on calm. See the healing breaths fill our body and mind with relaxation, love & success.

Now the last two are not new ideas, but just good reminders:
Learn to say NO - Sometimes, as salespeople, we feel like we can and should always be working. We turn down time with friends or family, put off doctor's appointments, or don't take a long weekend in favor of getting an early start on a Monday morning.

Organize our schedule – if we don’t plan our day, our day will destroy us.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” - Theodore Roosevelt

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