Thursday, July 9, 2015

Strategists: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Thurs 7-9-15)

Good Morning Strategists,

Rinse & Repeat: Thinking about how AWESOME you guys/gals are yesterday led me to think about success. ß Sound familiar? That’s how yesterday’s Kudos started … then you went out and took the state by force again. You truly are AMAZING!!

OK, so here we are, doing an awesome job and loving it. Humm, let’s look into the future, what do we need to be aware of or guard against? Complacency? Ego? The cyclical nature of sales? All of these?

Once we climb to the top of our sales performance, how do we shatter that glass ceiling and keep climbing? Might I be so bold as to suggest self-gen/referral/repeat customers? You probably saw that coming, didn’t you? But here is a fun concept to contemplate today. Strategic Alliances.

“A strategic alliance is an agreement between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon objectives needed while remaining independent organizations.” Now let’s put on our magic beanies and imagine … who can we strategically align with? Who works around or deals with floors/houses/homes/remodels/upgrades/customers in need/want? Can anybody come up with a list of about 100 people that might qualify?

OK, here comes the hard part to self-gen/referral/repeat customers … ready for it? It is a 3 step process that has been closely guarded by the greatest sales performers in the world …
1      1) Call Them
2      2) Meet them
3      3) Ask for the business

Please do not share this secret with anyone, just use it yourselves – relentlessly!!

“For those about to ROCK – We salute you!!” – AC/DC

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