Saturday, May 30, 2015

Power Rangers: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 5-30-15)

Good Morning Power Rangers,

Don’t Worry - Think Happy

Today's K&E is about motivation - Self-Motivation. It’s about starring in, directing and producing the movie of our life—with powerful results. It’s about taking our desires, hopes, dreams and aspirations and turning them into roaring fires of accomplishment. And, it is also about how to do this all by ourselves ...anywhere we want...anytime we choose... for the rest of your life!

However, this K&E is NOT about achieving everything WE’VE ever wanted. That’s not a place we will ever want to get to - not that we ever could. For along with having everything we want comes APATHY. This K&E is simply about accelerating the momentum of our every success for the rest of our life! People are happiest when they are in the process of achieving ... when they’re accomplishing something that’s tremendously important to them. It’s the anticipation of getting the intended result ...knowing we’re on the right track ... moving forward momentum ... that makes us happiest.

Do we remember when we bought our first car or house? Do we remember how we felt in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the purchase...the period of time when we knew we were going to get it, but we were still working on financing or delivery? Do we remember the high of anticipation?  These feelings are the essence of what many of our customers are going through when we show up at their home.

“We can be the magic that weaves the reality of our customer’s dreams.” – Dan Thompson

“With great power comes great responsibility”  ― Voltaire (or Uncle Ben from Spiderman if you prefer)

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