Saturday, May 9, 2015

EXPERTS: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 5-9-15)

Good morning EXPERTS,

I think sometimes our customers do not understand that we are experienced, knowledgeable, professional business owners. Maybe they are under the impression that we are some hourly grunt that barely just learned how to use a tape measure. In their minds, they may be thinking we are just a salaried worker that has no vested interest or care in them, and we are just putting in our hours so we can go home and drink.

We are none of those things!! We are PROFESSIONALS, and as such, part of our business development is teaching and training our customers. We MUST show them that we are their BEST option in flooring. I’m not talking about the strands of fiber that are sewn together. They can go 100 different places and fondle the fibers. We MUST be the adamant professional that teaches and trains, that blows their mind with our VAST storehouse of knowledge.

In every buying decision, whether it be hiring a carpet cleaner, to finding the best consultant or professional speaker, everyone wants to work with experts!! Little did they know, that is what just walked in their door. If we are not positioning ourselves as that professional, then it is time to start… NOW!!  Experts find solutions to problems and gain results faster and more effectively. Experts are the top professionals in their industry and position themselves as authorities in their industries.

With that said, if you cannot be that expert, then be the BEST damn theater major in the company. Either way, perception is king – do not leave an appointment without either a STEVIE or an EMMY AWARD.

Teaching is the new selling. -Jim Keenan

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