Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lovers: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Tues 5-26-15)

Good Morning Lovers,

It’s Love, Not Price
When I can’t close a sale, I’ll always try to move the buyer up to a more expensive product as the first solution to price objection. If the customer will at least consider it, I know I’m on a product he still has questions about. This is called “closing with inventory.” I’ve had hundreds of customers tell me it’s too much money or over budget, or they get that uncomfortable money look on their face. They’re telling me it’s too much for that product or they’re not sure it will resolve their problem. The buyer would rather pay more and make the right decision than pay less and make a mistake.

Our buyers are just like us—they spend money they don’t have, they go over budget, they work hard for their money, they’ve made good decisions and bad. Like us, they want to avoid bad decisions and make good ones. If people don’t buy from us, I assure you it’s almost never about the money or the budget, but about something we didn’t uncover. If it were all about price, please explain why people stand in line for a $4 cup of coffee when they could make an entire pot at home for almost nothing. Why someone spends thousands on season tickets when they could watch it on television. Love, baby—love!

Dan Thompson
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