Saturday, May 23, 2015

Accused or Convicted: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 5-23-15)

Good Morning Convicts,

We must be completely IN if we are to fully maximize the opportunities Empire has given us. We cannot even attempt selling to someone else until we ourselves are completely sold.

We must get rid of all negative considerations and believe that it’s the right thing, the right product, the right company, and that it will benefit the person we’re selling it to. It’s critical that we do everything possible to convince ourselves that our product/company must be purchased and that it must be purchased from us at our pricing.

Become so thoroughly sold on our product/company that our conviction is irresistible to others. This is not meant to suggest that we lie to ourselves, if that was even possible. We’ve met thousands of high-producing salespeople over the years, and never have we met a top producer who got to the top by deceiving others. What I’m suggesting is that we take the time to sell ourselves before we try to sell someone else on how our product is superior to others.

Are we so sold on our product/company that we think it’s detrimental and unethical not to convince someone to buy from us? Get to that point and watch our production freak out! When a customer doesn’t buy our product, do we actually feel bad for him and lose sleep? If we were really sold, we would feel like that. The person who is sold completely won’t let people not buy, because that would be a violation of his own integrity! Reach that level of being sold, and I assure you that people will buy from us.

So, are we just accusing ourselves of being a salesperson or have we been fully convicted by a jury of our customers?
“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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