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Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Mon. 3-9-15) Word Smiths

Good Morning Word Smiths,

The words we choose and use during our presentation have a great effect on moving our customers into a buying frame of mind. When we feel the conviction that what we are saying is true, then we say it in a much more believable, trustworthy & convincing way.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

As sales people we use a communication and inter-personal behavior system called neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP. By using language that brings out certain feelings in people, we can develop emotional connections with our customers that can help with our presentation and sales. NLP is not subliminal, and though it is described by some as "hypnotic," it simply is a way of speaking and acting with our customers to gain their trust and exert influence, including using a defined sets of "magic" words that evoke certain thoughts and feelings in them.
Magic Words
Words used in NLP are called "magic words" because our customers associate them with emotions. Words such as easily, naturally, unlimited, aware, realize, beyond, before, after, now, new, because, freely, expand, how to, discover, scientifically proven, research, powerful and amazing can be used in almost any scenario. Words that generate positive emotions include believe, change, energize, healthy, overcome, thrive, success, refresh and happy. Words to invoke curiosity include finally, revealed, truth, imagine, expose, secret, uncover and illegal. We can trigger action by using words like now, immediately, urgent, easy, simple, limited time and tested. Words like proven, guaranteed and leading are used to gain trust.
Embedded Commands
NLP sales techniques also rely on how thoughts and phrases are structured. One practice is to use "embedded commands" in our presentation. Simply put, we can implant the idea to buy our flooring by using verb structures that, in essence, give orders to our customers. For example, we might say, "Let's talk about the benefits so you can make the right decision and buy with confidence," here we commanded our customer to "make the right decision" and "buy with confidence." Used along with NLP magic words, and with a little practice, we can use embedded commands to steer our customers and boost our sales rates.

Here is a short audio/video I watched last night, if you are interested in this stuff, you will like it.

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