Monday, March 23, 2015

Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Mon 3-23-15) National Recovery Specialists

Good Morning National Recovery Specialists,

Imagine you’re playing Family Feud, it’s your turn at the buzzer, and the question is: “According to hundreds of sales managers surveyed, what is the NUMBER ONE reason why salespeople miss their bonuses?”  You hit the buzzer and blurt out… what?  Not enough leads? Prices too high? Customer just shopping? Each of these could certainly be on the board, but none would be the number one answer. At least not according to a report from the folks at SiriusDecisions, who actually did survey 100s of sales managers on this very question.  The most popular reason why we fail to reach our numbers? Inability to articulate value in our product & service.
Always be learning!! Pick a product you like most (or least) and research it, competitive shop it, google it. Find out all you can. Become a master in our products. Articulating value becomes easier, we hit more bonuses, our families are happier, we have more money to spend, consumer confidence goes up, our nation becomes the super power it once was!!

Summary: Help our nation recover, learn our products!!

Make our product easier to buy and understand than our competition, or we will find our customers buying from them, not us. ~ Mark Cuban

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