Monday, June 22, 2015

Rays of Positivity: Today's Kudos & Encouragement (Monday 6-22-15)

Good Morning Rays of Positivity,

A positive attitude--optimism, expectancy, and enthusiasm--makes everything in business easier. A positive attitude boosts us up when we're down and supercharges us when we're already "on a roll."  Attitude has nothing to do with what happens to us, but instead with how we decide to interpret and react to what happens to us.  We need to adapt beliefs that frame events in a positive light. Our beliefs and rules about life and work determine how we interpret events and therefore our attitude. Decide to adopt "strong" beliefs that create a good attitude rather than beliefs that create a bad attitude. Examples:

The first sales call of the day goes poorly. (Attitude)  Every sales call is different, so the next will be awesome.

A customer reduces the amount of an order at the last minute! (Attitude) Customers who change orders are more likely to be satisfied!

A big sales day comes seemingly "out of nowhere." (Attitude) Something wonderful  happened and I bet it will happen again!

Spend at least 15 minutes every morning to read, view, or listen to something inspirational or motivational, if we do this regularly, we'll have those thoughts and feelings ready at hand (or rather, ready to mind) when events don't go exactly the way we'd prefer. That’s the reason for these K&E’s, if we need more on any given day, we can go to the blog archive and fill ourselves up. (BLOG)

While great flooring, superior advertising and name recognition can attract business, our attitude determines whether customers buy from us or not.  When was the last time we bought something for ourselves or a loved one and spent way too much?  Notice I didn’t ask if we ever have. I asked when. Everybody does. When one of our customers is vacillating between Gilmer & Greenwich (extreme example) and worrying about the price difference, simply remind them, “No one buys flooring like this because they need it. They buy it because it's beautiful and it makes them feel good.”

“When we are joyful and have a positive mental attitude, we say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around us.  We become a sun in the middle of other peoples universe’s.” –Dan Thompson

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