Thursday, June 18, 2015

Protagonists: Today's Kudos & Encouragement (Thurs 6-18-15)

Good Morning Protagonists,

In our final installment of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), we wrap up what I hope has been a very interesting look into what makes us the AMAZING team of sales reps that we are.

In nearly every movie or play, we have a good guy/ bad guy, hero / villain, protagonist/ antagonist.  There are special characteristics about the GG/H/P that make most of us want them to overcome adversity and win. My encouragement to us all is – continue on the path we have chosen, be the business owner you want to be.

We’re a Good Judge of Character
Much of emotional intelligence comes down to social awareness; the ability to read other people, know what they’re about, and understand what they're going through. Over time, this skill makes us an exceptional judge of character. People are no mystery to us. We know what they’re all about and understand their motivations, even those that lie hidden beneath the surface.

We Are Difficult to Offend
If we have a firm grasp of who we are, it’s difficult for someone to say or do something that gets our goat. Emotionally intelligent people are self-confident and open-minded, which creates a pretty thick skin. We may even poke fun at ourselves or let other people make jokes about us because we are able to mentally draw the line between humor and degradation.

We Practice Persistence
We wait for the “No” and sometimes we must wait for 2 No’s before we are able to get a sale.  Forget the misses and be patient with our customers. We practice our phrases and persistence in pursuing excellence. 
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