Saturday, February 28, 2015

Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 2-28-15) Overcome Slump

Good Morning My Most Excellent Friends,

It was once said (and often repeated) It is our attitude that determines our altitude. I like that!! With sales in general, and with us in particular, it could be easy to get down when we hit a slump. The hard part (in addition to a low paycheck) is the keep the attitude of excellence in the forefront of our mind. I researched a dozen or so sales articles and came up with these top 10 ideas to help us get back on track, and live the excited and productive life we all want. I know it’s longer than normal but it is still a quick read:

Here are the top 11 ways to overcome a slump, why not apply at least one today:
1.  Maintain a regular practice even when on a plateau (or in a ditch!). If you wrote out a business TODO list, re-read it. How about this: 10 x 12 (contact 10 prospects by noon); or 1 x 5, ask for 1 referral by 5 each day.
2. Look at our numbers honestly: our appointment levels, quote contacts, referrals. What have our historical standards been? Can we add one more per day, per week? Start from the possible and move towards the impossible. Take an honest inventory of our active quotes - are they really prospects or suspects?  If our call backs/be backs are full, our fear will diminish.
3. Write down, map out our sales process: what are the predictable, necessary/critical steps from planning our initial prospect contact until after the close? Is there a sales process breakdown that we can correct?
4. Be absolutely clear as to the identity of our self gen target markets and lead/referral sources and how to best reach them.
5. Work on our body and mind.  Increased energy and mental awareness increases our productivity.
6. Guard our prospecting time ferociously by managing our calendar: eliminate distracting tasks and avoid distracting people.  Make an appointment with ourselves for prospecting activities and don’t cancel our appt!
7. Read a book, listen to a book on tape while driving. Success, Motivation, Skills will be gleaned from this one activity.
8. Talk about it. For most sales people, this one can be tough. Sometimes venting gets it out of our system so we can focus on higher thoughts!
9. Celebrate our success, even small victories: that impossible appt, that objection you overcame, a terrific referral. I treat the family to an awesome dinner every Friday night (or Sat) to celebrate another paycheck.
10. Keep our sense of humor engaged; it’s helpful (if we’re in sales, we must have a sense of humor!)
11. Love on a Dog – they think we are AWESOME salespeople!!

Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude. – Ralph Marston
* Our job is to relieve our competition of the burden of their accounts!
* Contact our prospects until they surrender or block our number!
* Re-read Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs & Ham” – a terrific sales manual!

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