Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wagon Painters: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 8-1-15)

Good Morning Wagon Painters,

If you are in business for yourself, as we are, we must self-promote.  One Idea in self-promotion is too have vinyl signs or put vinyl on our vehicle. That is what I call painting our wagon.  We put so many miles on our cars every day – why not be a mobile billboard?

As you know I've had vinyl on my van for over a year, and have received numerous self gens because of it (avg 1-2 per month).  I only paid about $180 for my vinyl – ONE TIME.  Jason Remillard Is quickly climbing the ladder to self gen-ing Master, and if you haven't seen his truck lately, then you need to. It looks amazing and only cost a one-time fee of about $250. He has already received a couple self gen deals off of it.

Have you looked into how much advertising costs?
Local television stations typically charge from $200 to $1,500 to create a 30-second commercial & anywhere from $2,500 per spot and up.
Billboard advertising costs $800 to create the vinyl & $1-3k/mo rent for a mediocre location.
Newspaper advertising approximately $43.50 per day.
Buy leads from internet – about $25-$50 per lead (& they are sold to 3 other companies)
Facebook/Twitter ads – cheap, but limited to your sphere of influence.

The absolute cheapest way to advertise is talking. Word of mouth. Clover leafing after every appointment and handing out business cards to everyone you meet (about $40 per 500 cards). I met a guy just yesterday that was working for the Shred-It paper company, I opened my mouth and talked, he and his wife want new vinyl for the kitchen – BAMMM!! He has a business card and I have a SG lead.  But when we think about it – the $180 - $250 spent on vinyl for the car is a one-time fee and pays day after day after day. (BTW: I am not talking about the cheesy little magnets we can get free from Vista Prints – although, those are better than nothing)

Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising. - Thomas Babington Macaulay

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