Saturday, August 8, 2015

Repeat Offenders: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat. 8-8-15)

Good Morning Repeat Offenders,

You guy/gals are AWESOME. I do honestly LOVE to see everybody’s name in lights. And there are so many of you that consistently show up in these lists. If you are even remotely as encouraged by seeing these amazing numbers and production as I am, then I know you are “LOVIN IT” too. Thank you for your understanding on the “Office/Mgr Meeting Days” when my schedule gets tweeked and I don’t always get this info out. 

We are creatures of emotion, and there aren’t many careers in life that can rival sales in the intensity of emotional buy-in and volatility. Choosing to sell as a profession requires for us to exist, fight with, endure, and enjoy a crazy and volatile emotional roller coaster.  Unless we are a robot, we are dealing with a rash of emotions throughout any given sales day.  In fact, I bet you, like me, can think of many times where we have gone from the absolute dumps to euphoria in less than 2 minutes! 

We can laugh about the ups and downs off hours, because they are funny to look at as we can watch ourselves get pulled around like a puppet, but the reality is, at the end of the day, when we experience disappointment or frustration during a sales day, it can single handedly kill our day.  Our negative feelings, frustration, and disappointment are KILLERS of our business, productivity, and income! Don’t be that source of negativity for yourself, others or our customers.

The truth is that the next win could literally be the next call or visit, so I’m sure we’ll all agree that learning how to avoid, balance, and counteract those times when we deal with negative emotions, could only help our sales performance.

Competitive athletes know that momentum makes all the difference in winning games. They develop momentum by either executing a well-thought-out strategy or making a spectacular play that shakes up the competition. When they have momentum, they play their best game. When they lose momentum, they have to figure out how to get it back by making adjustments.  This is true in sales and customer service, too.

Work hard and remain optimistic.  After working hard, assume that something good is about to happen; it usually does.
Be clear about what you want to accomplish.  Write down your goals for each week, and check off your accomplishments each day. (Thanks for the weekly push in this Nicole)
Watch what we’re doing!  Look at the way we spend our time.  Could we be more productive?
Avoid the barriers that can break momentum.  Take steps to avoid those stumbling blocks that can set you back.
Turn setbacks into comebacks.  We all experience failures and disappointments; just take them in stride and stay focused on the prize.
Believe in yourself.  Your momentum starts with you and your inner strength and convictions.  Successful people have this self-confidence.

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