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Wherever’s: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Monday 8-10-15)

Good Morning Wherever’s,
Every Wednesday and Friday we are given the opportunity to listen to Jake Ryan, the VICE PRESIDENT of Sales, he is like our bosses, bosses, bosses boss or something cool like that. It stands to reason, he probably has something very insightful and good to say. He takes time out of his week to talk to us about things that he believes will help us be better at what we do. It is ABSOLUTELY worth tuning in. Here are his notes: (it’s longer than the normal K&E, but well worth it)

Conference Call Week of 8/3/2015
We have discussed roughly 40 weeks of strategy on how to close more deals, wants and needs and making friends.  This call is about everything before that.  Don’t put the carriage before the horse.  Can we be successful without today’s call first? 
TIP – Wake up a better person than what you did going to bed!
·         We all wake up differently.  When the day starts, it is not us vs. them, or us vs. the world but it is YOU VS. YOU
·         If you believe you will have a great day, YOU WILL
Energy transfers to all of your customers.  Believe in yourself and your customers will believe in you as well.  Our business is about making customers happy.  We have to be happy to have them be happy.  Wake up this way.  Find the inner strength to not give up, even in the smallest instance.  Everyone is powerful and we all have the will to win.  If there is something that you want to accomplish, identify it and go achieve it.  If you are performing under your potential, you need to challenge yourself.  Don’t ever stop challenging yourself.  If you have bad habits, do something about it and change.

We have to reinvent ourselves to get to the next level.  Test your will by getting your competitive edge.  Run more leads and or, go on one more ride along to get better.
TIP – All Strategies mean nothing if you don’t want to be successful.  Success doesn’t happen overnight.  It is done after the repetition of doing something.  Strive to be better, how?  Reach out to your peers and or managers.
·         Risk – is not presenting a SG presentation to the 15th person after you hear no 14 times.  Have that will to stay the course and continue to be better
o   Give your maximum/best presentation
o   Are you justified in asking for your price?
·         Passion/Enthusiasm – You have to have it in you to, now get it out!
o   Don’t continue on the bad path, change that
·         Resistance – Don’t give up
o   There are obstacles every day, overcome them.  Tell yourself, “I am going to succeed today.”  “I’m going to succeed because I have the work ethic, drive and capabilities to be the best.”
§  TIP – Someone has to be the best, WHY CAN’T IT BE YOU?
How do you measure being successful?
·         Earn the most you can everyday
·         Do the best you can everyday
·         The essence of life is growth
o   Evolve and grow your trade
Humans are the only form of life that strives for less.  We have been given the dignity of choice.  Are you doing just enough to just get by?
·         Develop as much as you can
o   People that are successful don’t depend on luck/fate
o   No shortcuts and no excuses
o   Why stop at average?
·         Go out and get what you are worth
o   Don’t ask for less but don’t give less either
Tough days happen.  When you have a tough day, you appreciate the great days that much more. 
·         True Success – When you fall down, get back up and continue moving forward
·         There is a clean slate every day; we start from scratch every day.  Go crush it
·         Expect success from yourself
When you are tired, don’t give up, quit or stop.  Take the time to learn.  Everyone has talent in them.  The skill is made by hours and hours of practice at your craft.
·         We make people’s lives better, this is why the called us.  This is what we do so go get a BIG reward for it.
We are all made the same way.  Successful people strive and try harder.  It sometimes takes a while to become the best.  Stop waiting for other to do it first, get up and ask, “Why can’t it be me?”  If you are #1, act as if you are #2 so that you continue to stay #1.  Outwork everyone else.  You don’t have to be perfect.  If you are not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough.  Uncover the part of you that can be that no matter what person.

Albert Einstein said, “Do I live in a friendly or hostile environment?”  Starting today, think about your legacy.  When you change the way you look at things, those things start to change.

Wake up with a purpose.  Do not think that someone has more talent than you. 
TIP – Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

If you quit or give up it will last forever.  DON’T QUIT! 
When life flashes before your eyes, make sure it was worth it.  Living is one of the rarest things in the world.  Live life to the fullest and don’t take things for granted.  Go to bed having no regrets.  People used to think the 4 minute mile was never possible, but now it happens all the time.  Know all things are possible if you wake up with a purpose and want to achieve it.

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. -Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

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