Friday, August 21, 2015

Firefighters: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Friday 8-21-15)

Good Morning Firefighters,
These are all things we know, but who doesn’t need the occasional reminder? I know I do – daily!! :-)

“If you want to sell fire extinguishers, first you have to show the fire.”—David Newman
Our customers don’t just buy flooring and install. They buy solutions to problems that help them achieve their goals. What’s the problem our flooring solves? Or what’s the goal our service helps our customers achieve? I should be able to call you 5 minutes into the appointment and be able to find out for you.

“When people meet you, they’re wondering ‘Do I like them? Do I trust them?’”—Christine Cashen
Before our customers will buy from us, they need to feel comfortable with us... personally as well as corporately. That means building rapport. Smile, shake their hand, treat them with respect, ask questions, and—most importantly—listen to the answers. Say, “Can I tell a couple things about me and the company you just invited into your home?”

“Building interactivity into our presentation makes it more memorable.”—Judson Laipply
The more our sales presentation resembles a lecture, the more boring it is and the more quickly it’s forgotten. Do you remember what your sales manager said last Tuesday when he started to drone on? We must make our presentation interactive by engaging our customers in conversation and asking them questions. Make it tactile by allowing our customers to touch our flooring. Ask questions and respond.

“It’s not enough to be different. We have to be different in a way that creates, demonstrates & delivers value.”—Toni Newman
Our flooring or install may be different from our competition. It may even be better than our competition. But what does that difference mean for our customers? How does it benefit them?

“There’s no point giving information until we know what our customers budget is.”—Katrina Smith
If we are uncomfortable asking directly, then ask with a range. "As your personal flooring consultant, I need to know the budget we are working with. I can build anything from a $2K - $10K flooring project for you." If we don’t know this critical piece of information, we’re wasting our time and our customers.

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