Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sales Solutions: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Sat 8-15-15)

Good Morning Solutions,

So here we are, half way through the month again. Do we know our numbers? Are we on track?

Sales is a people business. If we want more sales, then there are a few things we should focus on:
First thing is the customer. Whether we are in sales, install, management, finance or customer service, we must remember, nobody has a job unless there is a customer. This makes them the most important person in our business life. Treat them with the honor, respect and appreciation they deserve. They are the ones that keep the Empire growing.

Focus on the results, but don’t ignore the effort. If we give them anything less than 100%, 10 out 10, A+ effort, caring and attention, then how can we expect them to open up the checkbook and give us their hard earned money?

Doing the uncomfortable thing is where the top performers live. The second we read the word uncomfortable, our mind immediately came up with one or two things, then we instantly started singing (lalalalala) in our head to try and drown those thoughts out. We want to be a top performer? Turn the damn music off and start to focus on how we can accomplish those things that came to mind, then do one of them.

We have to WOW the customer. To do that we have to tie the products and buying process to the customers emotions. Be the perfect solution to their pain and discontent.

Oh, and one more thing, ASK FOR THE BUSINESS.

“Keep a tally of how many times you ask a customer to do business with you.” – Dan Thompson

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