Thursday, January 7, 2016

Motivators: Todays Kudos & Encouragement (Thursday 1-7-16)

Good Morning Motivators!!

Motivation is an AWESOME thing. Did you know that motivation comes from within? There is not a whole lot I can do or say that will actually motivate you. Any motivation you glean from these K&E’s starts inside each one of us. We MUST have the ability to get and stay motivated. About a year ago, I decided one thing I needed to do each morning to motivate myself is read or watch motivational material. That soon evolved into wanting to share with all you guys/gals.  You see, THAT is the power of motivation, it makes us want to share.

Sometimes I think we are more than salesmen, I think we are AMAZING sharesmen. We share our knowledge, or insight, our opinions, our excitement and ultimately our help in filling out our customers paperwork with them. So if any of us have “Lost that Loving Feeling” (Thank you Righteous Brothers for getting that stuck in my head this AM), then we need to re-motivate. We must remember who/what we are doing this for (God, Family, Global Domination) and re-motive, re-animate and re-get out there and share the LOVE!!

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